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A war is coming, and two sisters are stuck in the middle. What sides will they both chose and how will they each affect the outcome? Or each other? Read on for the story of Kiera and Emh, set in a modern fantasy setting. Love, fireballs and bombings. What more could you want?


Forewarned is forearmed as they say. This story isn’t suitable for everyone. It can (and will, and does even) contain explicit/implicit sex scenes, violence, adult themes, etc, and anyone who is considered underage where they live (typically 18 years) should turn back now. Also, if you are easily offended by alternate lifestyles or worldviews, this probably isn’t the story for you either.


That said, if you do read on and enjoy what you read, spread the word. That’s the best way to encourage me to write. I write more, you read more, you have more reason to tell your friends, I write more. It’s a happy, loving circle, right? Don’t have friends? Leave me a kind (or critical) word by way of comments instead. Or do both! I love to see fresh comments from fresh people. And fresh comments from not so fresh people.


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Sometimes even I procrastinate too though, which means two midweek posts. Or endweek posts.


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