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This is an article about the last con I attend – Brisbane Supanova in April.

It had the usual gamut of awesome celebrities, cool stuff for sale, expensive fried food, crushing crowds and artist alley. They also gave me a list of things brides forget when planning a wedding which was weird. 

Artist Alley gets called different things at different cons, but I assume you all have an idea of what I mean - they’re the indies, the smaller guys who can’t afford a larger booth (or simply don’t want a larger booth because they don’t have the merchandise).

I like to support independents - we’re indies ourselves and anything that helps the indie market indirectly helps us by raising awareness (ya, I know most of them are those filthy comic people with artistic abilities that make us want to smash out keyboards in jealously but I digress). However, I found a big problem this year that I hadn’t been noticing before…

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While fiction might be a great way to escape reality for a while every word written somehow reflects back to the author. Sure, nobody would usually disembowel their employer or spend a night of passionate love-making with three persons or more of their choice, but it wouldn’t be appearing in the story at all if those ideas weren’t lingering somewhere in the author’s sick, sick mind.


Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Secret Vocab of Secret Melbourne scribe, Nathaniel F. Robinson (or ‘Nat Frobinson’ as we call him for short) to discuss the outline of an upcoming story that takes place in the Shimmer canon. The story in question involved a number of relevant topics in the news today including the US troop surge in Iraq, the occupancy of Afghanistan, Islamic extremism, the war on terror and the validity of ‘supporting the troops.’

(I should point out that I am in no way a credible commentator on any of these subjects. Seriously, I’m not informed enough. To give you a better idea you should know that I get most of my news from the Daily Show, the Colbert Report and Good News Week.)

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Hey all,

Just a quick announcement pertaining to fans of all things to do with Shimmer: after all the bumps and bruises that come with the formation of the ‘Wibbly House’, our status as an official business (and other various dramas) Shimmer has finally resumed and is nearing it’s 75th webisode!

However 75 also marks a temporary conclusion to Shimmer which will then be continued with a new tagline: ‘Glimmer Girl and the Galaxy Crusaders.’

What does this mean for Shimmer itself? While it does take a drastically different direction than that along which the serial has been running ‘Glimmer Girl and the Galaxy Crusaders’ will add a number of important plot and character developments to the Shimmer saga as a whole. Futuristic, glossy and filled with sci-fi elements, this saga takes a new and exciting direction and on it’s conclusion will lead back into the regular series with Shimmer webisode 76.

It’s different I know, but you might just like it.

~Miranda Sparks

… then congratulations, now get to it!

Oh, wait, that’s not an article. You want to know more? Ok, here goes.

Well, the first thing anyone needs to ask themselves is: Why am I writing?
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The first chapter of the new story is up, along with the banner art (temporary - final/coloured version is coming).

So, go check it out and sign up for the new feed. :) The updates will be a little chaotic (hehe) until after the move, but I will do my best.

The new story starts here: Mirrorheart